Sunbathers. 2018. Artist book, accordion folded book, silkscreen on BFK Rives and Stonehenge covers. 23.25" by 19" closed, 19" by 186" (15.5 ft) opened. Edition of 1.


I have presented two alter-egos that interact in this work: the bird and the hunter. The predator and prey relationship between these two symbols in this book creates a plot in which the bird is shot in the sky by the hunter. I am direct portrait to both elements of the narrative. I feel like I am sometimes holding myself back because I fear risk and loss of control. This book is in response to that construct, and that feeling of “adult numbness.” It is the feeling of wanting to let go, quit your job, and move to a new city. I chose a painterly-silkscreen process for this book incorporating various site-specific photographs and texts I have written during my relocation from Northern Virginia to the city of Richmond. Layers and layers of silkscreen ink and images and working between two studios in two different cities over a period of nine months, have created a visual landscape in which I can respond to a new printed element from the previous through time and contemplation. The finished piece is a poetic narrative, that has an ambiguous, and but possibly a dark truth, of what it means to be a young adult navigating this thing called life.

Through printmaking and artists book, I can create new histories that tailor towards my own personal experiences. My understanding of printmaking practices, is one that situates the print, the process, and often times, the “performance” of a print or book as a historical landmark or site for instantaneous documentation. A silkscreen print will have layers and layers and layers of images and information. An artist book will sometimes be constructed over a duration of time or under a specific limitation or rule. A print, book, or installation may be an arena in which a performance or narrative action can be employed. Like most artists, I make work that will respond to previous works I have created. The fashion in which I work in my studio practice is a direct parallel to what we do as humans every day; we make further decisions to advance in life informed by our previous history, experiences, and knowledge.