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Post Modern Queer Sex Ed.. 2017. Pamphlet bound risograph zine. 20 pages. 8.5" by 11". Edition open.


By cross referencing my high school sex education curriculum I received and examining trends in school curriculum sex education, I've noticed a trend in the lack of sex education tailored towards queer and trans students. In a world where being open about sexual orientation to family and peers can be often difficult, young adults without the proper education can often times (I personally have) resulted to the internet for conclusions. These conclusions can be damaging and most important, misinformed information that can harm stigmas and be counter-productive towards the fight for equality and representation. I've created a zine that consists only of screenshots of my internet browser history that traverses difficult topics and trends centered around queer sex practices. The end result of this work is a display that shows an overload of under explored topics, as well as a piece that poses questions about the quality of public school sex education and whether there actually is queer representation in this construct.