Predator & Prey. 2017. Artist book, 34 pages, silkscreen printed and rivet bound. 13" by 9.5" closed. 24" by 9.5" open. Printed at Studio Two Three. Edition of 1.


This work is an investigation tracing back to my love for traditional drawing methods that I haven’t utilized in a while. Continuing my research in using the dead bird motif, I set to learn the anatomy of the bird through numerous exercises in blind contour drawing. My understanding of this foundational drawing tool is that this exercise teaches you to see, rather than to focus on the physical drawing. This method of translation has opened up a realm where I can locate my likeliness in the drawing process of these birds. The birds are tired and exhausted.

By examining the structure of longings and wants that come with adulthood, I’ve encountered a phenomenological structure in which there are things we just can’t do due to our ties to normative societal routines. I’ve created Predator & Prey as an artist book that parallels this idea to my own artistic desires in relation to my peer-pressured notion of fully developed art work. I feel like my ideas can be elementary at times, focusing on aspects of my practice that are insignificant to my larger umbrella of skills.


Ka-Kaw. 2018. Drypoint etching & mezzotint. 5" by 7" copper plate on paper. Edition of 4.


Untitled. 2018. Drypoint, mezzotint, & hard ground etching. 5" by 7" copper plate on paper. 2 AP.

Arena. 2018. Drypoint & mezzotint. 5" by 7" copper plate on paper. Edition of 4.